Our Professional Helicopter Management Services makes helicopter ownership economically viable and simple for many professionals and corporations. You will enjoy the freedom of flying whenever to wherever you would like; completely bypassing the hassles and wasted hours associated with commercial air travel today.

This level of service and convenience is not just for the rich and famous; with our Professional Helicopter Management Program it is within your reach. So, if you, your business associates and employees would like to be more productive and happy by having the freedom to travel to multiple sites within the State of Florida or The Bahamas conduct business and return home for dinner; we can help make this a practical and economically attractive reality.

Increased Sales and Networking Opportunities

Take your sales and networking prospects to a new level. Use your own personal helicopter as a tool to strengthen current relationships and attract new clients, investors, political contacts, business associates and staff members. Imagine the opportunities and reap the benefits.

Freedom To Go Where You Need To Go

Helicopters also have the unique advantage of being able to land at many off-airport locations; including your home, office complex, construction site, farm, golf course, parking areas, docks or any other practical and safe location available to you. A helicopter will enable you to conveniently maximize the use of your time and that of your staff's during your trips.

Learn To Fly

If you are not a rated helicopter pilot we can train you to fly your own helicopter or our commercially rated pilots will take you where you need to go. Under our program; your helicopter will be pre-inspected, fueled and ready for you to liftoff immediately upon your arrival. That is right; there are no parking nightmares; or long treks to the terminal; or waiting in lines to check-in; or degrading security screenings; or boarding cramped airplanes to sit through countless delays waiting for departure clearances. You will simply enjoy your flight, spend less time, and be more productive with your own helicopter than you could ever imagine.

Considerable Tax Advantages

You will enjoy the tax benefits and time savings of employing your own helicopter without the logistical worries and at a considerable savings over traditional aircraft ownership. Consult with your accountant for further details on the tax advantages of a managed helicopter lease program.

Choosing The Right Helicopter

Though we will accommodate most commercially operated helicopters in our program; we believe the Robinson R44 helicopters offer the best combination of reliability, performance, comfort and flying ease at the lowest cost of ownership and operation in the commercial helicopter industry today. Perhaps this is why the Robinson R44 helicopter is the best selling helicopter in the world. The Robionson R44 is flown daily in countless operations by military, police, news stations, air taxis, business persons, tour operators, flight schools, adventurers and others in virtually every type of helicopter service in countries throughout the world.

The Robinson R44 is available in countless color combinations in several configurations with a variety of avionics and amenities, including air conditioning, to accommodate a wide range of operational needs and budgets. The lead time for brand new custom configured ships from the factory is about four to six months. New ships with some option customization are also immediately available from the factory.

Offset Your Costs Of Ownership

Under our program your helicopter becomes part of our fleet generating revenue to offset your costs of ownership. We will advise you and handle all the stressful details every step of the way throughout the purchasing and financing process.

Once you take delivery of your helicopter under our helicopter lease management agreement; we will provide hanger storage, arrange insurance coverage; comply with all applicable regulations; perform necessary inspections and maintenance; and keep your helicopter in pristine flying condition for your convenience and peace of mind.

Please contact us now to schedule a meeting to assess your needs and discuss our program in detail.